A better life for justice-involved men and women of color.

Empowering individuals of color in transition across Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties, The CHANGE Program offers comprehensive support services and trauma-informed care, fostering long-term transformation and empowerment.

Facing the justice system alone is hard.

The CHANGE Program helps you leave the past behind and build a life you’re proud of.

Your Life

Build a life you’re proud of with life coaching from people of color that understand and have lived experience.

Help Make

You can help an individual who is working to make a better life and make our neighborhoods safer for all.


Transition is hard.

To change your future, you have to patiently and strategically face the difficulties of your past.

With The CHANGE Program, you don’t have to face it alone. You’ll get a coach and a mentor who knows what it’s like.

Get help working through trauma, disappointment, resentment, racial injustice, anxiety, doubt, mental health challenges, housing, and employment issues.

When you’re ready, you’ll build back stronger.


Set yourself up for success.

Without a job that pays a living wage, it’s hard to build a future.

The CHANGE Program opens doors to education, training, and mentorship so you can find satisfying long-term employment.

Build a future you’re proud of.


Reunite with loved ones.

You want to be a successful part of your family and community. But it can be hard to fix broken relationships and past mistakes.

The CHANGE Program gives you a chance to repair important relationships with parenting classes, counseling, and family reunification retreats.

Get back to those you love.

You deserve to live a life free from stereotypes and the mistakes of your past.


Structured to
support you.

We understand how tough it can be to start over after being involved with the justice system. You may feel like you’re facing an impossible challenge. But with the structure and support of The CHANGE Program, you can have a better chance at building a life you’re proud of.


We provide the tools and resources you need to rebuild your life.


Wrap-around community services


Peer-to-peer coaching


“Palaver Tree” practices


Group programs




Long-term support


A chance to become a mentor to others

We’ve got your back.

The CHANGE Program was developed by Cynthia Fedrick, CEO of Progress House Association (PHA), and her husband Leo Fedrick, Program Director.

Since 1972, Progress House Association has helped over 16,000 previously incarcerated people successfully reenter our community.

PHA operates several core programs:

Progress House Work Training Release Center, which aids individuals in finding employment, housing, and reconnecting with their families in cooperation with Department of Corrections.

PHA Clubhouse, established in 2019, caters to individuals living with mental illness. The mission is to create a supportive and inclusive environment that facilitates social, vocational, and educational growth.

The Change Program focuses on life coaching for BIPOC men and women returning from prison. This program offers trauma treatment, safe housing, employment opportunities with a livable wage, and a supportive alumni network for post-program assistance. (not association with PHA Work Training Release Center and DOC).

The Reconnect Project is designed to help individuals establish and maintain the level of community support they found while incarcerated. It offers support group meetings, one-on-one peer support, group mindfulness sessions, therapeutic services, and family reconnection support.

Starting is Easy

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Fill out the online application. We’ll meet with you to find out if we can help.

Make Your Plan

Make a personalized plan with your coach and get what you need to succeed.

Change Your Life

Follow your plan and create a life you’re proud of.

Help Make CHANGE Possible

Support an Individual

Everyone deserves a chance to live free from stereotypes and the mistakes of their past.

The CHANGE Program Model

More than access to resources, The CHANGE Program helps justice-involved BIPOC men and women make change from the inside out.

If you’re not where you want to be, we can help you get to a better place.

Individual Life Coaching

Training & Education
Job Placement
Housing Assistance

Family & Community Reunification

Faith-Based Support

Long-Term Mentorship & A Chance to Give Back

I wanted to change but my past kept pulling me back. Now I am working with the union, have stable housing, and most importantly, I regained my self-respect!

Daniel Current Client, The CHANGE Program

Washington-State Resources for Returning after Prison

Starting over after incarceration? We can help you access help. Get our list of top resources for starting over in Washington State.


Food Services


Health Services




Community Programs

You have the power to determine your future.

You can live a life free from the past. You can take on the odds and you can win.

If you’re ready to put in the work, The CHANGE Program can help you get there.