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Support The CHANGE Program to offer hope and a better life to justice-involved BIPOC men and women.

3 Ways to Help:

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Support members who are working to change their lives. Your donation funds life skills programming.

Sponsor an Individual

Sponsor an individual who is committed to successful reentry. Your $200 supports one person’s journey.

Partner with CHANGE

Get your company, church, or organization involved with making Change in Washington State.

Offer a better way out.

Give the confidence to choose a new path.

The obstacles faced by justice-involved people can feel insurmountable. In the face of overwhelming pressures, it’s hard to move on from a difficult past. This often leads to repeat offenses, arrests and incarceration.

When you support The CHANGE Program, you help justice-involved BIPOC men and women develop a sense of power to choose a new path.

Open doors.

A real chance at a better life takes more than short-term housing and jobs.

Support The CHANGE Program and you help create:


Nearly half of prisoners released are returned to prison within 5 years according to a 2018 Special Report from the U.S. Department of Justice. The CHANGE Program offers a different path, increasing public safety in Washington State.


Without guidance and ongoing support, the search for employment is likely to be a frustrating journey with dead-ends and short-lived jobs.


Stable housing with appropriate supports is a key factor in preventing homelessness and reducing recidivism. The CHANGE Program reduces barriers to affordable housing by advocating for our members and working with them on sustainable solutions.


Through partnerships with local schools, we open doors to educational opportunities including entrepreneurship training, technical certification, and employment mentoring. Our goal is to help create more satisfying and stable long-term careers.


We recognize that participation in religious/worship activities can contribute positively toward a member’s well-being and transition into the community. We are connected to many churches in the WA area, and we will help our interested members connect to a church/religious center of their choice.


Individuals in prison or jail are 3 to 5 times more likely to support serious psychological distress, mental illness, or substance abuse disorder.
The CHANGE Program connects members to referrals and supports that can help them overcome these challenges.


Restoration of broken relationships not only reduces the risk of recidivism, but also helps break generational cycles of incarceration. The CHANGE Program offers courses and retreats to help mend broken relationships.


There are resources for people coming out of prison, but they’re often hard to find and figuring out the system can be a barrier in itself. Our experienced navigators work with CHANGE members so they can access the resources they need to put a life together.

A Partner in CHANGE

The CHANGE Program was developed by Cynthia Fedrick, CEO of Progress House Association (PHA), and her husband Leo Fedrick, Program Director.

Progress House Association is one of Washington’s oldest nonprofit corporations seeking to help those with criminal histories. Its mission is to disrupt the cycle of recidivism and poverty through individual empowerment and self-sufficiency. ​

In its 50-year history, PHA has served over 16,000 previously incarcerated people and we continue to be here to help those willing to help themselves change.

“We saw there were gaps in the system specifically for justice-involved BIPOC men and women. We designed The CHANGE Program to fill those gaps.”

  Leo Fedrick, Co-Founder of The CHANGE Program

Partner with CHANGE

Partner with Change

Help break the cycle of repeat offences.

Your support helps create a better path for justice-involved BIPOC men and women.