About The CHANGE Program

With the structure and support of The CHANGE Program, justice-involved BIPOC men and women can have a better chance at a strong future.

Everyone deserves a chance to live free from stereotypes and the mistakes of their past.

It can feel impossible.

After being involved with the criminal justice system, most people face overwhelming challenges that can include homelessness, mental health and addictions, racial discrimination, low paying jobs, alienation from family and friends, peer pressures, lack of reliable transportation, and lack of medical insurance. It can feel like an insurmountable task to start over.

A path forward.

Our structured program works with each individual’s unique needs and goals. Members build their plan and work hard to make it happen.

We provide mentorship and coaching from people that look like you with lived experience.  We also refer you to resources for counseling, housing, employment and long-term support to help get you through.

A part of something bigger.

Members who have worked through our program and succeeded are invited back as alumni, to show others how much is possible.

You matter to us.

The CHANGE Program was developed by Cynthia Fedrick, CEO of Progress House Association (PHA), and her husband Leo Fedrick, Program Director.

Progress House Association is one of Washington’s oldest nonprofit corporations seeking to help those with criminal histories. Its mission is to disrupt the cycle of recidivism and poverty through individual empowerment and self-sufficiency. ​

In its 50-year history, PHA has served over 16,000 previously incarcerated people and we are here to help those willing to help themselves CHANGE.